Save COW, Save EARTH


Known as the SHELTER WITH HEART. Our Cows run free and are happy cared for by a devoted Staff of 25 plus 3 full time persons. They're not just in captivity. They have a life. OUR BELIEF IS THAT DEEP HEALING ONLY TAKES PLACE IF A CREATURE FEELS SAFE, CARED FOR,AND LOVED. We use traditional and alternative medicine AND LOVE to lift suffering from over 500 homeless cows,and tens of thousands of others. 1ST-TIME PEOPLE SOMETIMES GET TEARY. THEY DIDN'T KNOW A PLACE SUCH AS OURS EXISTED.


WHEN WE FIRST OPENED JANUARY 2007 there were over 500 homeless cows and the stray population was out of control. With no small animal vet within 75 kms, no treatment facility, BSE, and widespread abuse, there was unbounded misery. There were actually 350 suffering and dying animals on the streets-mostly cows and their calf, but others too (dogs )...IT WAS AWFUL.


LOVE, LOVE, AND MORE LOVE...7 major programs: Clinic. Hospital. Sanctuary (if a creature cannot make it on its own). Adoption program (over 100 calves placed in good homes). 24/7 emergency rescue. Hospice (we are a no-kill shelter) RESULT: Population is now BSE-free and decreasing for first time in forty years. No more suffering and dying animals on the streets. 20 fewer calves born each year. AND MOST IMPORTANT... Relationship of homeless animals with the people has been transformed.

Long-Term Impact

REPEATING: THE MOST IMPORTANT THING THAT HAS HAPPENED IS THAT THE RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN THE HOMELESS DOGS AND THE PEOPLE AMONGST THEY LIVE DAY IN, DAY OUT HAS BEEN TOTALLY TRANSFORMED. Without that transformation, the impact of whatever else is done (stricter laws, clinics, hospitals, shelters, rescue programs) is severely limited. The animals would be subject to the same indifference, the same unaided difficulties in their search for food and water, the same absence of affection.

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