Vedic lifestyle Training Course

ISKCON Kanpur offers this course for selected students where students can stay @ ISKCON Kanpur campus and take this training. For more information please contact 7080007003.


    • SADHANA [Regulated Practices of Bhakti yoga]: Morning Program (Mangala arati, Japa, Darshan, Guru puja, Temple SB class)
    • SVADHYAYA (Scriptural Study): Sravanam (Hearing Scriptures):

        • Mananam (Recollecting Scriptures):
        • Nidhidhyasanam (Contemplating on Scriptures):
        • Pathanam (Learning Scriptural verses):
      • Kirtanam (Speaking on Scriptures):
    • SEVA [Service]: Deity sevas, Cleaning, Weekend dept. sevas & BVVP Projects
    • SANGA [Good Association]: Daily group study, BVVP Retreats & Get-togethers
    • SADACHAR [Vaisnava Behavior]: The overall Vaisnava behavior the student inculcates through the above 4S. Weekly Sadachar classes.